Legend Natural Gas HSE / Regulatory Program


  • 100% buy in and leadership from the management team
  • Employee participation


  • No Injuries
  • No Environmental Incidents
  • No People Harmed

HSE Policy:

To continue making improvements in our operations that will reduce health risk, environmental impacts, and that will keep our employees, contractors, and the public safe.

In order to achieve these goals Legend Natural Gas will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Report our performance accurately and openly
  • Recognize those that contribute to the success of our HSE policy
  • Include measurable HSE targets in our bonus and compensation plan
  • Only use contractors that meet our HSE expectations and cancel the MSA's of those that do not


Barnett Shale Energy Education Council (http://www.bseec.org/)

Energy From Shale (http://www.energyfromshale.org/)

Barnett Shale Water Conservation and Management Committee (http://barnettshalewater.org/committee-members.html)

Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure (http://fracfocus.org/)